That’s my faith and you can take it on faith…


Rex here…

One of my pet peeves (even though I am myself occasionally guilty of it), is when people use the word “FAITH” as a loose synonym for “RELIGION”. To me, “faith” is a specific term of art which is a component of many religions, but certainly not the whole story.

“Faith is the evidence of things not seen.” – Owen and I have talked about this many times. I see “faith” as the “evidence of last resort” or “the gap filler”. For any supernatural proposition (resurrection of Jesus, modern miracles, afterlife, inspiration of the Bible, etc, etc.), modern defenders will FIRST reach for ACTUAL EVIDENCE, when that fails, they will reach for the Holy Book, and when that fails to convince, finally, and only then will they reach for a bottle of “faith” to finish filling up the evidence cup. It’s NEVER the first line of defense, and if you’re gullible enough to believe the proffered physical evidence or holy book, they will never reach for that final gap filler at all…

So, to me, any religion is a bundle of concepts, ideas, supernatural beliefs, liturgical practices, etc., and “faith” is just one of many components in that box…


1 thought on “That’s my faith and you can take it on faith…

  1. Nonopenada

    I have a thought! I just put it together so bear with me.

    I’m with you that it’s frustrating that belief in the supernatural and “faith” have become synonymous. I kind of see it like faith is the frog DNA (a la Jurassic Park) that makes the miracles/prayer/religious practices work as a system. If you take out the frog DNA you can’t make a dinosaur. If you take out faith you can’t make a comprehensive and coherent system. In fact, it was when I finally removed the frog DNA from my belief system is when I realized it was just a collection of useless parts.

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