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New Podcast with Joshua Richards


Rex Here…  Last week I had the great opportunity to be interviewed by Joshua Richards for the JRRTalking podcast. We covered a range of topics around Christian de-conversion and atheist activism.

Joshua is a former Christian clergy member who came to reason and left the ministry a few years ago.  Be sure to check out his other podcasts also!

I hope you enjoy our conversation!

As always, we invite any feedback you may have! Cheers!


Rex & Owen present to the FOF on the topic of veganism

Here is a video link to our recent presentation on veganism.  This is a bit of a departure from our normal subject matter, but the FOF asked us to give this talk, so we did.  We hoped to demonstrate that even though we don’t agree, we can still have a calm, rational conversation.  We hope you enjoy, and any feedback is welcome. Once again, special thanks to Zachary Moore for his amazing video and editing.


That’s my faith and you can take it on faith…


Rex here…

One of my pet peeves (even though I am myself occasionally guilty of it), is when people use the word “FAITH” as a loose synonym for “RELIGION”. To me, “faith” is a specific term of art which is a component of many religions, but certainly not the whole story.

“Faith is the evidence of things not seen.” – Owen and I have talked about this many times. I see “faith” as the “evidence of last resort” or “the gap filler”. For any supernatural proposition (resurrection of Jesus, modern miracles, afterlife, inspiration of the Bible, etc, etc.), modern defenders will FIRST reach for ACTUAL EVIDENCE, when that fails, they will reach for the Holy Book, and when that fails to convince, finally, and only then will they reach for a bottle of “faith” to finish filling up the evidence cup. It’s NEVER the first line of defense, and if you’re gullible enough to believe the proffered physical evidence or holy book, they will never reach for that final gap filler at all…

So, to me, any religion is a bundle of concepts, ideas, supernatural beliefs, liturgical practices, etc., and “faith” is just one of many components in that box…


Rex Burks & Owen Younger: Answering the Five Claims of Christianity

We are pleased to share this video from our recent presentation to the Fellowship of Freethought in Dallas, Texas. Special thanks to our good friend Zachary Moore for filming, editing, and uploading this presentation! Thank you for watching, and we invite any and all feedback! Cheers!


Rex Burks & Owen Younger: Answering the Five Claims of Christianity